About me


Hello World!

My name is Sarah Peters. I’m an actress/model from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
After finishing drama school in 2009, I applied for a drama course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (also known as LAMDA). I got accepted and went there the summer of 2010. Since I enjoyed that so immensly I applied for yet another course in 2012: Shakespeare. I got accepted once again and went back to the LAMDA in July 2012.

I’m currently working part-time as a dance-instructor. Teaching pop/modern dance to kids age 6-12. 
As well as working as working as a Zumba instructor. For which I got my degree in 2010.
You can find me doing Zumba at the local gym or doing ZumbAtomic (zumba for kids) at several primary schools in Amsterdam.
Check www.zumba.com for more information about my classes. (search for my name at the instructor page)

Together with my mum I’m writing a play which we hope to get on stage somewhere next season.

More information about my education can be found in my CV.