Jan 26, 2016

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Back in the theatre!!

Back in the theatre!!

After I decided to go back to school and do yet another study, I haven’t had a chance to be back on stage.
But looks like times are changing!

This year I will be performing in 2 plays written and directed by Helmert Woudenberg.
As soon as I have more details about the plays and/or ticketsales I will let you all know!

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Jan 26, 2016

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Cut my hair for charity!


Hi there!

recently I cut my hair for a Dutch charity for children cancer research (KiKa).
It was a scary thing to do but hopefully someone can create a lovely wig out of my hair for a little boy or girl who needs it.
If you want to make a donation you can check the link below:



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Dec 2, 2015

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New pictures added!

Hi all!

long time, no post. Sorry about that.
I started a new study and it has taken up a lot of my time. However in the meantime, my episode of Beschuldigd is finally out and lately I’ve been back doing castings and auditions.

And I updated the media section a bit. Added some new pics.
Go check it out!


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Aug 16, 2014

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Doncaster Rovers

Doncaster Rovers



As anyone who knows me can tell, football is a big part of my life. As is music. Thanks to singer/songwriter Louis Tomlinson I got in touch with some of the most amazing people who work at Doncaster Rovers. I fell in love with the clubs charm.

Thanks to the amazing photographer Steve Uttley, who works for the Rovers, I got a shirt signed by the entire team.
Feel very proud to wear it and you can all see my proud face in today’s programme.

Rovers All Over The World!


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Jul 7, 2014

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It has been very quiet on this front and I apologize.

If you want to get all the news as fast as possible, I advice you to follow me on twitter, Instagram and like my facebook page.




Besides all of that. There is no news yet as to when the episode of “Beschuldigd” will be aired on tv.
When it will be aired, I’ll post it on here as soon as I have the details.

I’ve had major surgery on my foot last February, dancers injury. But I am currently recovering well and hope to be able to dance around to my full ability soon.

I also posted a lot of new pictures on this website. Go to the picture page to check them out!
Pictures include a couple of pictures made with my friends, the amazing band Graffiti6.
Both TommyD and Jamie Scott have been working hard on new material. Check their websites for more information.

Hopefully I can update again soon. For question, go to the contact page or find me on social media!

Much love xoxo

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